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Reviews and Raves


We love our clients and we really love it when they let us know they love us, too!

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And here are a few lovely raves that our clients sent to us in emails and Thank You notes:

I LOVE ALL THE WEDDING PHOTOS!!! We all LOVE them! Thank you so much for everything. Kristal and Todd, Bride & Groom, Austin, TX

Wow! The pictures are amazing!! Thank you!!! You and Chris really have captured all the special moments and the sweetest memories, exactly as we wanted. And we absolutely love them! So a big thank you to both of you for blending into our wedding day like good friends and amazing photographers.  Manasi & Alec, Bride & Groom, Norway

Thanks for the pictures! They are wonderful & we love them! You did a fabulous job! Katy & Travis, Bride & Groom, California

I was living in California at the time I was planning my Austin wedding, so I wasn’t sure where to even begin my search for a great wedding photographer.  One of the wedding planning books I read suggested looking for photographers on (Professional Photographer’s of America), and that’s how I came across Austin Imagery’s website.  I liked what I saw there, but for such an important occasion, I wanted to make sure I did my due diligence before making a final decision, and boy did I!  Here is the breakdown of my evaluation:  1. Photography Style:  Following the advice of a friend (who wasn’t very satisfied with her wedding photos), I asked to see 3 full albums to get a good sense of their photography style.  I’m not into special tinting or “artistic” angles.  My goal was to be able to look at my wedding album years from now and feel like the photos were timeless.  Chris & Yvonne deliver a beautiful, classic style!  They captured gorgeous images of the decor, and more importantly, my friends and family members all looked fantastic!  2. Rapport:  Following the advice of another friend, I also had my sister (who is local to Austin) and her family meet Chris & Yvonne.  It was important to me that my family get along well with both of them, because I think people’s moods really show through in photographs.  Needless to say, everyone got along great.  I can’t stress enough how fantastic Chris & Yvonne are to work with.  Even my tough-to-please mother loved them both!  3. Customer Service:  Chris & Yvonne were always very prompt with their responses and very accommodating throughout.  When things got really hectic with my schedule in those last few weeks before the wedding, they were also proactive in reaching out to make sure all of the final details were set.  They were also very timely with the delivery of the photos, which were available online well within the estimated time frame they had provided me. I truly cannot imagine having a better experience with wedding photographers and would recommend them to anyone!  Robin & Shawn, Bride and Groom, California

We absolutely love the sneak peek!! You guys are amazing. We are so thrilled that you were our photographers! We can’t wait to the rest of the pics. Jenine & Randy, Bride & Groom, Houston, TX

Thank you so much for everything. We are so blessed to have you be a part of our wedding! You guys are so awesome and easy to work with. Thank you for being flexible with us on the last minute changes during our wedding day and working to get everything photographed! Lois & Chris, Bride & Groom, Austin, TX

Austin Imagery did a fantastic job on our wedding. We would recommend their work to all of our friends. They always made us feel at ease right from the get go. Robbyn & Anand, Bride & Groom, Seattle, WA


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